Detective Brand

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Crime themed starter sentences


Includes drug and violence tw, a mix of which muse is the criminal, if not both.

  • “Your mother would be ashamed of you.”
  • “C’mon, the cops are stupid, they’ll never catch us.”
  • “The car’s a piece of junk anyway, they’re not gonna miss it.”
  • “Carry on the way you’re going and you’re gonna end up in prison.”
  • “I’m not that much of a scumbag, I don’t steal from old ladies.”
  • “One last score, then we’re out of the game, what do you say?”
  • “I’m only doing this because I need to pay my dealer.”
  • “Prison? Occupational hazard.”
  • “They pissed me off, I made sure they won’t be walking for a while, no biggie.”
  • “So you’re a drug runner or a drug dealer?”
  • “Prison ain’t too bad, you’ve got a bed and they feed you.”
  • “I get all tingly when you break into cars like that.”
  • “I do it for the thrill – and to fund my drug habit.”
  • “Did you kill him/her?”
  • “I never meant to hurt anyone!”
  • “I needed the money, what else could I do.”
  • “We grew up around criminals, of course we became them.”
  • “What kind of example are you setting for your kids?”
  • “I grew up, you probably should too.”
  • “He had it coming.”
  • “I just gave him his final warning.”
  • “I’m calling the cops!”
  • “I’m passionate about two things, bank robbery and you.”
  • “I’m a street rat, but I’m good at it.”
  • “Dealing in an alley, classy as ever.”
  • “If you don’t have my money, you know I’m going to have to teach you a lesson.”
  • “Bonny and Clyde made this look so much more glamorous.”
  • “One day we’ll be rich and we won’t have to do this anymore.”
  • “That’s not your wallet is it?”
  • “So I got in a fight, they owed me money.”

what have i 
                   i’m a 
    f u c k i n g

                               when all i wanted
                     was something

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The Half Breed and the Runt


A harsh snort left him, at her explanation for trespassing. Though the fact her alpha wished to apologize for the incident set him on guard. Weres did not apologize for anything. They simply took what they wished and cared not who was harmed in the process, so long as it was not them or their pack. Deep blue eyes flashed amber again, as they narrowed at the woman. She was lying. And yet her scent nor her heart beat gave any indication of the transgression. His jaw worked against itself, teeth grinding together like a whetstone upon steel.

Apparently the one that got away had high tailed it home. A small regret he had not pursued the coward, and put him down as well, crossed the half breed’s mind but he pushed it away. That decision hadn’t been fully made by him anyway. The one he had managed to kill, had injured him severely. Wounds that still and would always mark his skin from the encounter; were still sore.

                               ”Werewolves do not apologize.

The words are a muted rumble in his throat, the anger still fresh in his mind. He had done nothing wrong, by what rules he did know of the magical world. Whether she was lying about her Alpha wishing to apologize or not, retaliation could not made by her Alpha or his pack. At least by law, at least the laws he had last been aware of. He had been out here alone for decades after all. But werewolves had never been ones to follow the creeds set down millenniums ago by the first council. The council his mother had so often told him stories of.

          They trespassed, threatened my family….one lost his life for it.
             The other tucked tail and ran the moment I killed the first.
                         Had I not been injured I would have chased him down."

A noticeable sniff of the air about them, his gaze flickering about the cliffs and behind him; checking to ensure he was not being snuck up on. That he had not unknowingly become the hunted.

             ”Now what is it that your alpha really wants?
                  He sends a single female to test the waters?
                         How stupid do you think I am?

The male’s harsh, firm, and accurate statement nearly pulled a laugh from Cara as she regarded the being, knowing all too well just how true it was. However, Erik was not like most werewolves and he took pride in that, finding more humanity than his Fae and wolf blood might allow him. It was what made him a good leader and someone that she respected and loved, and she believed it was the reason he had kept their sire from killing her the moment she had been born and the room had been filled with the stench of runt. 
As such, though she was amused by the male’s statement, she did not take his questioning Erik’s motives lightly. It was moments such as this that she wished dearly that she were not born… stunted, not as strong or able to change as other weres could so she could teach him a lesson. She had been born with the blood of an Alpha, just as her brothers, but she could not do anything but cower and growl, and attempt to outsmart others as opposed to fight the way that was instinctual to their kind.

Despite her inability to strike him out of her anger, however, Cara still released a small growl only for it to die in her throat when she saw the flash of amber in the other’s eyes. Momentary fear seized her, and the runt made a mental note to keep herself better in check - it would not do for her to go out on what was supposed to have been a relatively easy task for her brother only to get her head torn off because she could not keep her mouth shut.

           ”I speak nothing but the truth,” she said as she raised her hands again and tilted
           her head to once more display her neck. “And I am alone because he trusts me,
           and did not want to display more aggression than his idiotic pack members
           already have. He is Alpha Dominant of Europe, his brothers also Alphas, spread
           throughout the world, and has no need for hunting grounds.”

Lowering her hands once more, a small smile appeared on Cara’s face. She had no desire to end this with a fight or her having to run as she was rather tired of it, and she could smell no hint of another female other than his wolves on the male - she decided to be friendly (well, as friendly as Cara could be) in the hopes she may simply be able to walk away and find Erik to inform him of the… odd creature she had encountered who was very much angry over what had happened and was not, as they had thought, some sort of powerful Alpha werewolf that might be attempting to cause trouble.

            “As I said, he wishes to offer his apologies, and learn of you more as you are…
            clearly not full werewolf.”

The 9th gif in your folder is your muse’s reaction to meeting the mun for the first time.

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Smith & Wesson M&P 40 Pro Series


When I find the perfect rock on the ground to add to my rock collection