Detective Brand

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dont-call-me-babe sent: "Go ahead, get mugged and left for dead."



"Stop with that nonsense,
I’ve visited that part of town
many times, and nothing
has ever happened. I’ll get
that information for you,
don’t worry, okay?”

Anya sighed, this was how it went
with cops, couldn’t trust the damn
person who was going to do the
dirty work for them. ❝ Yeah, I got
your number, I’ll call it if I need
any help, but don’t stress about it,
alright? I’ll get whatever you need
and then some. ❞


   ”I know the deal, don’t have to say it again
   unless you’re looking for more money. Not that
   you’re gonna get it, but still,” said Cara with a
   shrug and a small, crooked smile. “I’ll be waiting
   at Vodou, down on 3rd when you’re done.”




               ❝ this is a dive bar, not exactly known for flavorful coffee.
               starbucks is down the street, ❞ she educated with a roll
               of her eyes. s  he hated cops more than anything really,
               ❝ who are you looking for? ❞

 ❝ Does it look like I drink fucking Starbucks, sweetheart? just give me something with caffeine in it, then, a coke’ll do ❞ she said, attempting not to snap and desperately wishing she had stopped by somewhere else to get her fix before attempting to question someone. Her patience was thin enough as it was.
               ❝ I’m trying to find a kid, about nineteen, name’s Cory, ❞ explained Cara, pulling a picture from her pocket.  ❝ Went missing about a week ago, was seen hanging out in bars in this area. 




                ❝ listen sweetie, i’m just your regular every-night bartender.
                unless you’re paying for a drink,   or orderin’ one you got no
                reason talkin’ to me. ❞

     ” I got a good enough reason,
                 she said, shifting and unzipping her jacket to flash the woman her
                 badge and her gun.
    “ But since you offered, I’ll take whatever passes for coffee here.

warrensorrow sent: "That's my quesadilla!"

   —- “You snooze, you lose, Sorrow,” said Cara,
          taking a large bite out of the cheesy, saucy concoction.

dont-call-me-babe sent: "Go ahead, get mugged and left for dead."


"Stop with that nonsense,
I’ve visited that part of town
many times, and nothing
has ever happened. I’ll get
that information for you,
don’t worry, okay?”

   ’Fine,” said Cara, running a hand through her
   matted blonde hair as she regarded the other
   woman. “You have my cell. If you need back up,
   you call me. I’m not gonna get in shit because I
   lost my contact.”

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out of coffee

Haha her name is Tracy Spridakos, and she’s mostly known for her part in “Revolution” as Charlie Matheson.

Another Day at the Office // OPEN

It was a surprisingly slow day at the precinct when Cara arrived. The scent of treated leather (boots and belts) that was more plastic than flesh sharp in the air, an almost stark contrast to the sweet smell of coffee and whatever baked monstrosity was concealed in a pink cardboard container one of the officer’s wives had baked; only the sounds of low voices, the tapping of computer keys, and occasional booted footsteps could be heard. 
No one looked up when her slightly lighter steps joined the soft ruckus, or noticed that - as usual - she had a disposable cup from the bakery down the street in her hand already half full of the black coffee she preferred. If they had, they might have noticed that instead of the usual dark circles under her blue eyes were a little less noticeable, and her jeans actually clean’ and that when she sat a relatively tidy desk with a plate reading ‘Det. C. Brand’ it was with less weariness in her weight that would ordinarily make the grey swivel chair squeak.

All were signs that she had gotten a good night’s sleep, something that only came with the completion of a case. 
Not that anyone in the precinct needed to see Cara to know she had brought in the man who had been murdering women in the area. Nearly everyone had heard about it already, either through someone else in the office or on the news when images of the young detective looking too tired for twenty-seven with a face with no need for makeup (not that she ever bothered anyways) and thick blonde waves the colour of sand in need of a brush had been included in the local and even a few national news slots.
She was the darling of local law enforcement, so to speak, and while she had not expected a standing ovation when she walked into the station the fact that everyone seemed to be avoiding looking directly at her and had not so much as glanced her way by the time she opened her email had Cara’s nerves on edge.


At the sound of the chief’s gruff voice she looked up to see Chief Ball standing in the doorway of one of the multi-use rooms. 

"Meeting, here, five minutes."

She simply nodded in reply and, again, her skin prickled. Typically others would be in the room already trying to grab back seats and fresh coffee and something told her this was not a meeting to discuss her latest case. With the caffeine from her coffee already working in her system, Cara ran through every possible reason that the chief could have for calling her in to speak in private looking less than pleased as she fiddled with her email for a few minutes before finally standing and making her way towards where Ball had beckoned her. 
Just beyond, through glass blocked by bllinds, she could hear a quiet but heated discussion and, straightening her top (no thought as to her hair) she stepped inside to face whatever it was the curiously tense morning was about to bring her.




                                   need a weapon

{I am a weapon.}

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